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My name is KingSirNation

  KingSirNation is an artist originally from Houston, Texas. Working hard to make himself a household name. Self-proclaimed Entertainer KingSirNation was born Emmitt James Nation II, and raised in the Pleasantville/5th Ward area of Houston where he learned early on the harsh realities of the street. His father abandoned him at age three; leaving his mother to raise him. KingSirNation was raised by a single mother with his Grandfather and great-grandmother's help. Singing at an early age, he also began to battle with depression and mental illness at an early age as well. He began using music and songwriting as an escape and a way to deal with his surroundings, he also developed another way to cope with his pain(addiction). He later graduated from high school but spent many years struggling with homelessness and keeping a steady job. That only spiraled him deeper into depression pushing him to attempt suicide multiple times. “I just felt like a Zombie, I was here but inside I died, I gave up”. After years of feeling lost and confused, KingSirNation decided to make a change in his life. In 2019, he moved from Houston to Los Angeles to pursue his music and acting efforts. Since then, he has released his debut project “Psychotic” available on all major platforms. He has also been cast in a few upcoming roles. KingSirNation is a vocal powerhouse with a survivor’s story; he has overcome so much and plans to conquer more. With his follow-up album “Domination 8726” slated to be released this Summer and more acting roles on the horizon, KingSirNation is a talent to look out for. 

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